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A Wide & Relevant Range

We provide innovative and affordable products to private and NHS dental surgeries as well as directly to the public. All our products are meticulously validated by in-depth research & development and clinically proven.

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Dental Implants

Here at Sparkle we have over the last 20 years built a team with the expertise in this evolving technology. We provide for a number of Implant Systems
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Crowns, Bridges & Composites

We work with all materials using traditional, digital and milling methods to achieve the best possible results for patients.
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Dental Prosthetics

Our private denture department is trained in all denture methods and techniques which enables us to work closely with clinicians to provide high quality prosthetics for their patients.
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We provide clinicians requiring precise appliances for their patients using both digital and traditional methods to ensure patient satisfaction.


With our large in-house team of dental technicians, we can rapidly manufacture or repair your implants, dentures and other dental fixtures in an emergency

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Everyday dental practice is, or soon will be, affected using CAD / CAM dentistry. Dentists and laboratory technicians use new tools developed for intra oral scanning, digital impression, computer-aided design and fabrication with subtractive or additive manufacturing (such as laser sintering, 3D printing and milling), all of which require good practice procedures to ensure the quality of the final product.

Digital dentistry has revolutionised our industry. We can now mass produce with perfection using 3D scanning and 3D laser printing.

Sparkle Dental Labs sees this as the future of dentistry and are ahead of the curve with both the application and implementation this new age technology.

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